they have said  ...  the masters on art

P. Klee

At first there is action but the idea is predominant. Since the infinite does not have a starting point but on the contrary, like the circle, is deprived of a beginning, we may say that the idea has the primacy over everything. “In the beginning there was the word…”.

…..different elements should produce forms but without sacrificing their unique identity.

Movement is in the basis of every evolution. Even space is a notion which encompasses time.

In the past the artists represented things they saw on the earth, things which pleased us to see or that we desired to see. Today the relativity of visible things has been revealed and we are convinced that compared to the universe the visible thing comprises only an example. There are, without us knowing about it, many truths.

Art, like creation, is born from an image. It presupposes the existence of a model, just as our earthly world presupposes a visionary concept of the universe.

Art is involved in a game with the greatest things but at the end it reveals their truth. The artist does nothing more than to collect and transmit what reaches him. He is not a servant or a master. He only transmits things. Therefore his position is rather humble. The beauty of the sublime passes through him but he does not possess it.

H. Read

The artist paints what he wishes to see: a human or individual version of the non human abstraction which is called nature. Art in all its different targets, in all its fidelity to the multiple ways of our human nature is essentially the same as yesterday and shall remain the same until the dusk of civilization as in the dawn and in the bright light of the midday.

P. Picasso

In art there is no past nor future. If a work of art cannot live for ever in the present then it not worth talking about it. In reality we do not copy or imitate nature. We only let the imaginary objects take real form. That does not mean we take distance from painting to approach nature. We need to go from nature to painting.

There is no figurative or non figurative art….the face, the object, the circle, are images, figures which have more or less intense influence on us…..the art is not the application of a beauty canon but what instinct and mind can conceive beyond any canon.

We know the art is not the truth. The art is a myth who renders us capable of recognizing the truth offered to us in order to understand it.

G. Bracque

To paint we begin with an idea. An idea which motivates us. Everything is happening in the head before it appears before our eyes. An idea appears. But the painting reveals its self during its creation. There is a combat between the idea – that is the initial concept which made us start the painting – and the painting which defends itself.

P. Greenaway

I think that the Greeks have two brilliant words for the two main subjects of the Western culture, sex and death. EROS and THANATOS. The very beginning and the very end. Sex and death. These two comprise more or less the subjects of art and cinema. Fascinating subjects whether one is a nun or serial killer, for your relationship with both is non-negotiable.

M. Proust

On the other hand, the greatness of real art lies, as I ended up to believe, elsewhere. It is the need to discover from the beginning, to possess this reality which lies far from the reality we experience everyday and from which our distance grows bigger. Since the conventional knowledge with which we substitute reality becomes thicker and impenetrable the possibility of dying without ever knowing this reality which is actually our own life.

In a few words this complex art is the only living art. The same thing happens with emotions: until one examines them in the light of reason one does not understand them. And only when reasons light is shed upon them can one distinguish, with great effort, the shape of what he has really felt. And then another light was born in me: without a doubt less bright than the one which made me realize that the work of art is the only way to regain the time lost. And I understood that all these material of literary work were my past life.

Anyway the only thing that comes from us is what we take out from the darkness of our soul. I came up to the conclusion that we are not free before a work of art, we don’t do anything that crosses our mind but what we must reveal, like we would for a law of nature since it is useful and hidden.

Eva 2012 dr.3


ink on 300 gr. paper

private collection