Readings, thoughts, aphorisms ...

  1. Bullet   What "means" the artwork? Projects are not uniquely identified. Projects, even those that are pure in conception and structure, are not like crossword with only a unique set of responses. The concept of the project is any reaction it causes to the audience. And I think there is no "given" reaction.

  1. Bullet    I am thinking about the number of human illusions on absolute knowledge and absolute power.

  1. Bullet   The artist knows that is a permanently banished from all sides of a political correct society. But the artist has to penetrate even deeper exiles.

  1. Bullet   God and freedom are contradictory concepts. People believe in imaginary gods because they are afraid to be free.

  1. Bullet   The loss is necessary for the artist, extremely fruitful for his work as painful if it is for his personal life.

  1. Bullet   The rest of the world can censor and bury his past. The artist can not and so must remain partially “green” as the end of his life ........... unripe green with the hope that it will become fertile green.

  1. Bullet   In the work of science is the knowledge that precedes, while the artist is driven in knowledge after the end of the art project and only through it.

Eva and Lora - spring time


ink on 300 gr. paper

private collection